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With effect from 1 November 2015, all Children’s and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) across Southend, Essex and Thurrock are now called Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Services (EWMHS) and is run by North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT). The services have the long term aim of responding earlier to children’s needs to help prevent, reduce or delay the need for more specialist interventions.

NELFT is an experienced provider of mental health services for children and young people, already providing these services to children and young people in four London Boroughs, and is also one of the England’s largest NHS foundation trusts.

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Who is the service for?

The Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service is for anybody aged between 0-18, living in the Southend, Essex and Thurrock areas and is free at the point of entry. The services are also for young people with special educational needs (SEN) up to the age of 25.

Any young person experiencing emotional wellbeing or mental health problems, or any parent, guardian or teacher of a child who is experiencing emotional wellbeing and mental health difficulties, may access our services.

From 1 November 2015, the following services have been gradually rolled out:

  • Preventative programs in schools, children’s centres and other local places.
  • Advice, training and support for other health and social services.
  • A range of services including parenting and family groups, short psychological treatments and mindfulness in schools. These services often use self-help and guided self-management.
  • A gradual roll out of some on-line and digital services too.
  • More in-depth psychological treatments, which are evidence based and delivered by highly skilled practitioners in specialist teams.
  • Help and support for all young people at times of crisis and if needed, offer them a hospital admission if required. This level of help is available 24/7.

For more information, visit NEFLT’s website.

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