Local NHS support Self Care Week

More needs to be done to support people to look after their own health better. Empowering individuals to self-care has many benefits for their short term and long term health and this is important since people are living longer.

This is why NHS Southend and NHS Castle Point and Rochford Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) are supporting Self-Care Week 2019 (18 – 24 November) an annual national awareness week run by the Self-Care Forum.

Always take your doctor's advice about Antibiotics

GPs in Southend, Castle Point and Rochford are supporting the ‘Keep Antibiotics Working’ campaign during World Antibiotics Awareness Week (18-22 November) which urges the public to always trust their doctor, nurse or pharmacist’s advice as to when they need antibiotics. The campaign, run by Public Health England and supported by the NHS, also provides effective self-care advice to help individuals and their families feel better if they are not prescribed antibiotics.

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