Hawkesbury Road branch site to close

Since July 2014, Hawkesbury Road GP surgery in Canvey has been running from two locations.  The main premises is located at 1A Hawkesbury Road and a smaller branch site operates from 409 Long Road which is in very close proximity. 

Following concerns around the long-term sustainability of running a GP practice from two locations, NHS Castle Point Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has been in discussion with the Hawkesbury GP surgery. A decision has consequently been taken to close the branch site as of 1 October 2017. There will be no change to the phone number, appointments system, clinical service or opening hours.

Councillor Dave Blackwell said, “I am fully supportive, running a service from two buildings meaning two sets of running costs and maintenance bills is an unnecessary drain on stretched NHS resources.”

Kevin McKenny, Director of Integration & Transformation at NHS Castle Point and Rochford CCG said:  “Patients are already used to visiting both sites with the main building being a five minute walk away and on the same bus route.   We would like to reassure patients that there will be no reduction in clinical service. Plans to consolidate on one site have strengthened the ability to recruit a new full time GP.  Should patients have any concerns, they can either speak to the Practice Manager at Hawkesbury Road GP surgery alternatively they can email us cpr.ccg@nhs.net or call: 01268-464586.”

Margaret Sandercock, patient representative at the Hawkesbury Road GP surgery said: “Members of the Patient Forum have discussed the changes that need to be made and have listened to all the reasons. Although we regret the decision to close this long established site, we recognise that it is just not financially viable to continue as we are. We would like to thank all staff who have worked at the branch site, especially Jean Hopwood, our branch Practice Manager, who has given excellent service at the practice for 19 years. We appreciate how difficult this closure is for all staff and would like to thank both Practice Managers for managing the change so sensitively." 

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