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Have your say with our Readers’ Panel

Castle Point & Rochford Clinical Commissioning Group and Southend Clinical Commissioning Group are committed to engaging with, listening to and learning from our patients and carers. One of the ways we do this is through our Readers’ Panel, which helps us to ensure that our publications are information and easy to understand. Read the leaflet for more information. 

We'd like to recruit a variety of people, with different interests, backgrounds, and of different ages  

Agreeing to get involved in this should not take too much time – especially if we have a number of volunteers.  As some publications may take longer to read then others, we will always ensure that members of our Readers’ Panel have plenty of time to respond.   It is not expected that there will be publications available each month.

The sort of things we are talking about could include:
  • Letters
  • Policies, plans and strategies
  • Guidance and patient information
  • Information on our website

If you are interested in becoming a Readers’ Panel member or would like to know more then please contact Amanda Shears, Patient Engagement Officer:

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You Said, We Did: Living Well Newsletter

We'd like to extend a big thank you to our CCGs’ Readers’ Panel for helping to review this publication and for all their feedback.

If you’d like more information or to get involved in the Readers’ Panel, let us know by emailing

Below are some of the changes we made to our latest edition, based on the feedback we’ve received on the first issue of Living Well and through our Readers’ Panel review of the publication.

You said We did
The size of the first edition of the newsletter was too small – it could make it more difficult for some audiences to read. 

We made the first edition of the newsletter an A6 pocket-guide, so that people could pick this up and carry it around with them, should they wish to.

However, we appreciate that this could make it more difficult for some people to read, so for the winter edition of the newsletter and going forward, we have printed the publication in the larger, A5 size.

The text size, amount of text and layout could be improved, so that it’s easier to navigate.

We have increased the font size of the winter edition of Living Well, and we have also amended the layout so that there is only a single column, rather than multiple columns.

We have also tried to reduce text as much as possible – so that only essential information is included. We’ve incorporated as much Plain English as possible – so it’s easy and clear to read.

Place contact details e.g. phone numbers for each service referenced

We have included telephone numbers where possible for all the services we’ve listed in the newsletter – so that people can easily contact a service, should they need to.