NHS Castle Point and Rochford CCG strives to engage with patients, carers, partners and residents throughout the commissioning cycle to ensure that local people have a strong voice.

We engage with our local community to:

  • identify health needs and aspirations, develop our commissioning intentions and priorities
  • design and improve services
  • to take patients’ views into account when we procure services
  • use patients’ experience to improve safety and quality of care

Read our Communications and Engagement strategy

Engagement reporting on how we are achieving our statutory duties

Every year, CCGs have to submit a report to NHS England which shows how we are meeting our statutory duties around patient and public engagement and involvement. The reports are assessed as part of the assurance process for all CCGs.  

Read our Patient and Public Involvement Annual Report 2018-19

How do we make sure the patient voice is heard?

Patient engagement is represented at Governing Body by a lay member for Patient & Public Involvement.  A big part of this role is to:

  • Gain assurance that the CCG is meeting its patient and public involvement (PPI) duties and use their expertise to support a particular focus on reducing identified health inequalities.
  • Seeks assurance that the voice of the local population is heard, including that of all vulnerable groups and communities
  • Gain assurance that the CCG is meeting its duties under the Equality Act, and that a culture of equality and diversity is embedded within the organisation e.g. providing challenge and input around the CCGs’ efforts to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity amongst people with protected characteristics and tackle prejudice by promoting understanding.

Details of patient engagement activities can be found in our Annual Reports and in Accountable Officer updates that are presented at each public Governing Body meeting.

The CCG also provides training to members of the public who are involved in our work.  If you are interested in getting involved, please visit the 'Get Involved' Section. pdf CPRCCG CP06 Communications and Engagement Strategy 2019-21 (674 KB)

How we learn from what is working and what is not

It's important to stop and take stock of what's working and what isn't working and work with partners across a bigger geography to explore best practice so that we can constantly improve.

In 2019, the Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership held a workshop to discuss public engagement. The Partnership has now produced a report to highlight some of the findings and feedback from the event, and a follow up event is planned in early 2020.

This work will enable the Partnership to develop a system engagement framework to ensure the residents across Mid and South Essex have relevent and timely opportunities to engage in our work and to  support all partners to deliver their statutory requirements, avoid unwarranted duplication and ensure best practice is shared.

You can view the report, which includes questions from attendees, by clicking on the link below:

Engaging our Communities Workshop – 15 October 2019

More locally, we also make sure we regularly take a step back and check if our approaches to Communications and Engagement are effective and what we need to change as a result.  A report goes to our Quality, Finance and Performance Committee and consequently to our Governing Body.