Local Security Management Specialist - Mazars

Mazars are the Security Management Service providers to Castle Point and Rochford Clinical Commissioning Group.

Anyone working in the NHS, receiving NHS treatment or visiting NHS premises has the right to feel safe and secure from violence and abuse, both physical and verbal. Funds and assets belonging to the NHS or used to provide NHS services should also be kept safe and secure at all times.

The role of the Local Security Management Specialist
The role of the Local Security Management Specialist (LSMS) is to help deliver an environment for those who use or work in the NHS which is safe and secure.

The LSMS is responsible for:

  • Investigating allegations/suspicions of theft and assault on staff
  • Liaison with Police/Neighbourhood Crime Teams
  • Undertaking proactive work to minimise the risk of theft and assault on staff occurring
  • Providing advice on all security related matters from Lone workers to the physical layout/security of buildings

Security Management Director
A member of the CCG executive board is responsible for overseeing and providing strategic management/support for all security management work within the organisation and to ensure the CCG carries out assessments to identify risks relating to the security of its staff, property, premises and assets.

What should you do if you have any concerns?
If you wish to discuss any security related matters please contact:

Brendan Harper - Security Management Specialist
Email: Brendan.Harper@nhs.net or Brendan.Harper@mazars.co.uk
Tel: 07917 790 112

Suzanne Duffy - Security Management Specialist
Email: Suzanne.Duffy@nhs.net or Suzannee.Duffy@mazars.co.uk 
Tel: 07787 514 752

Margaret Hathaway - Security Management Director
Email: margarethathaway@nhs.net
Tel: 01268 594611