Patient safety and quality of care

Welcome to our patient safety and quality of care page. From this page you can view information on a range of topics that have an impact on your health and care.

Your safety as a patient is at the heart of the healthcare we plan for the people of Castle Point and Rochford. Patient safety is closely linked to the quality of care you receive. We have put measures in place to make sure that we provide the best possible health care for our patients and we will be reviewing and adding to these measures to make sure that quality of care remains high.

We have put in place programmes to deal with long-term conditions, care of the elderly and measures to ensure that people are protected by immunisation, among others.

We are committed to ensuring high quality healthcare for everyone in the community. To do this we have set clear guidance for safeguarding adults and safeguarding children and tackling healthcare issues among vulnerable people in the community.

You will find a list of the key health and care issues on the left. Please click on them to find out more.

Our healthcare provision will continue to evolve with the needs of our community. This is why it is important for us to hear your views on the way we are planning services. We need to hear from you about what you think we are doing well, but also about what we could do better. Please find out more in our compliments and complaints section. Your involvement is key to a constant improvement of services for the community.