Our Governing Body


The Governing Body is the accountable body of the CCG and is held to account for the CCG’s performance. To ensure clinical leadership, the majority of our Governing Body members are clinical professionals. Our Governing Body also includes two lay members who ensure that the views of the community are represented and provide independent judgement.

Our Governing Body sets our strategy and direction, as well as ensuring that the CCG is delivering its statutory duties and ambitions for the health and care of everyone who lives in the area.

You can download the latest register of interests of our Governing Body members below:

Our Governing Body meets in public every other month. everyone is very welcome to attend. Details of these meetings are available here.

Sunil Gupta Terry Huff  Tricia D
Dr Sunil Gupta
 Terry Huff
Accountable Officer
Tricia D'Orsi
Chief Nurse
Mark Barker Charlotte Dillaway Williams Simon GB pages
Mark Barker
Interim Director of Finance
Charlotte Dillaway
Director of Strategy and Planning
Simon Williams
Director of Partnerships and Integration
Dr Mahesh Kamdar Riz Khan Dr Biju Kuriakose 
Dr Mahesh Kamdar
GP representative
Dr Rizwan Khan
GP representative
Dr Biju Kuriakose
GP representative 
Dr Mark Metcalfe Dr Sami Ozturk  Dr Lucy Saville
Dr Mark Metcalfe
GP representative
Dr Sami Ozturk
GP representative
Dr Lucy Saville
GP representative 
Kashif Siddiqui Dr Rachel Liebmann 2 Pauline Stratford 
Dr Kashif Siddiqui
GP representative
Dr Rachel Liebmann
Secondary Care representative
Pauline Stratford
Lay member 
(Patient and Public Engagement)
Peter Murphy web    
Peter Murphy
Lay member 


Non-voting members of the Governing Body

Dr Danny Showell, Public Health Representative
Helen Taylor, Essex County Council Representative
Steve Doherty, Practice Manager Representative






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